Sunday Morning Salutations.


Sunday mornings. Are they really supposed to be easy? I am not so sure what Faith No More were thinking when they penned these lyrics. I suppose you need to dissect the word “easy” to understand it better.

Google dictionary defines it as “achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties” If that is the definition we are going with, I suppose Sunday mornings are easy. They are easy not to set an alarm. They are easy to sleep in until lunch time. They are easy to laze around the house watching TV. They are even easier to be hung over from the night before, gripping the bed sheets with the fear of your previous nights antics slowing seeping back into your already blurred memory. These for me consist of “easy” Sunday mornings.

Fortunately for me, these easy Sunday mornings are almost a thing of the past (The final statement above still happens from time to time!) Although Sunday is globally known as a day of rest (and rightly so) my Sunday mornings are taking a slightly different course of action. This morning I woke at 9 a.m (Blasphemy in my younger days). I meditated for ten minutes using the Headspace App. My friend Sean Dillon called over after coming off a night shift from the Fire service. (Props to those guys and all the amazing work they do). We ate a lovely home-made porridge breakfast consisting of oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, crunch linseed mix, honey, cinnamon, raisins, maca powder, banana and cooked using rice milk. Although this may sound complicated, it most certainly fits in with the above definition of “easy”. Quick to assemble, fast to cook, rapidly devoured and super healthy. We then discussed our past weeks antics and what lay in store for the week ahead.

After our morning chin-wag, it was onto my new Sunday Morning tradition, yoga in the Milk Market Limerick. (for those not familiar with this place and living close to Limerick…. sort your lives out 😉 )

The Limerick Milk Market has something for mind, belly and soul every Sunday. Open for fresh food from 11am to 3pm. Yoga 4U with Vanessa from 11am – 12pm.


I have been involved in yoga for a few years now, but have taken my practice more seriously in 2017. (I will write a blog on the benefits of yoga/ different styles of yoga/why everyone should do yoga etc in the near future, this particular blog is focusing on something else)

16997439_1469750363044664_1827750914_nYoga 4U with Vanessa takes place upstairs in the Milk market. The first thing to note about this fantastic class, it that is it outside. Obviously with Ireland’s climate/weather nearly all yoga classes take place behind closed doors. This class is a breath of fresh air (literally) by adding a new different dimension in its setting. The second thing to note, is the HUGE diversity of participants in the class. Ages ranged from teens to pensioners, all gathered together for primary reasons, to do something healthy and fun on a Sunday morning. A noticeable secondary reason (and possibly the primary reason for some) was the social aspect. As Sean and I arrived to stake out a spot on the extremely busy floor, our ears were filled with the sweet noise of conversation. With a 40 strong group of human beings, interactions were aplenty. I spoke with a lovely middle-aged woman who said her week would not be complete without this class, I conversed with a group that consisted off two female friends, one of their boyfriends, their younger sister and their Mom (who I found out later was also a yoga teacher!) This was more than attending a yoga class, this was a community gathering .


Vanessa Clarke – Yoga 4U


As we settled to our yoga mats, Vanessa began the class. I had previously been to a class of hers at The Strand Hotel. She is a very clear, informative, attentive and conscientious teacher. While most yoga classes in Limerick consist of less than 20 people, Vanessa is not at all phased by the bigger cohort and still delivers a challenging, yet manageable class for all levels. As she took us through her flow, the energy and vibes  around were magnificent. While mostly being focused on my own practice, I somethings could not help but look around in awe of what was taking place here. After the class was brought to an end, and after a group round of applause, people began to roll up their mats, and once again engage in some friendly conversation.  The crowd of people slowing trickled downstairs to continue the chat, but this time over a cup of coffee from Harpers Cafe.


What a way to spend as easy Sunday Morning 🙂

Anyone else interested in starting or continuing their yoga classes, Limerick is full of amazing places to practice. Two of my favourite beings Power and Flow Studio and The Yoga Centre

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